Thematic directions of the conference

• historical aspects of lighting and power engineering;
• computer methods in lighting and power engineering;
• hhe introduction of LED light sources;
• physical aspects of light generation and highly efficient radiation sources;
• secondary converters and power normalization parameters;
• information, control, power devices and systems;
• irradiating installations in industry, agriculture, medicine;
• systems of internal and external lighting;
• metrology, standardization and certification in illumination and power engineering;
• ecological problems of modern lighting technology and electronics;
• non-conventional energy sources and energy-saving.

Thematic sections of the conference

Section A
• light sources;
• lighting and irradiation facilitys;
• lighting measurements;
• computer techniques in lighting engineering.

Section B
• electrotechnical devices and systems;
• normalization of electric power parameters;
• energy-saving technologies;
• computer Methods in Power Engineering.

Section C
• historical aspects and environmental problems in light engineering and power engineering;
• light and health.